Verni Moyu Lyubov

If ordinary viewers mainly have generalized opinion of the movie, people who work in filmmaking are able to evaluate constituent elements such as script, music, acting, direction, cinematography, editing, sound etc. Given that movie without sound is just a picture, which may be interesting to watch only for a very limited period of time, we are firmly convinced that of all elements sound plays the crucial part for movie perception.
Now let's assume that sound recording on set was done perfectly and post-production sound editor is provided with flawless audio track. In this case there's a chance that ADR (dialogue re-recording) will be required only for outdoor scenes. You wonder why? This is because sound recorded outdoors is scarcely devoid of background noise and therefore considered imperfect a priori. Provided that 'Verni Moyu Lyubov' series were filmed in Crimea, it is easy to guess that all sound takes recorded at the sea contain sound of the waves on the background. In summary, dialogues recorded on set - assuming impeccable sound quality - can be used only for interior scenes, otherewise ADR is required.
Nevertheless, spotless audio track from indoor scenes is rarely the case. This is due to high probability of unwanted sounds - unrestrained coughs, noise of lighting unit, cloth rustle etc - at the moment actor is saying his lines, especially during the best take, in which case the sound most likely will be sacrificed for reasons of economy: shooting day is incomparably more expensive than sound post-production editor shift.
If you watched 'Verni Moyu Lyubov', you know that the series abounded with outdoor scenes filmed in stunning picturesque places, which initially implied a considerable amount of work for audio post-production team. However, there was one more factor, which significantly influenced sound post-production process: aspirations of producers, who wanted to create a particularly good product.
Everybody involved in sound post-production tried to do his best, which is why every second of the movie sound was polished in every possible aspect. It took a good six months only to accomplish ADR, which was carried out partially in Moscow and partially in Kiev. Lead actors worked the longest hours, and the largest piece fell to Olesya Fattakhova's lot, who was absolute champion by the number of hours spent in the studio. Stanislav Bondarenko and Dmitry Pchela might as well live in the studio, while Nastasya Samburskaya was also quite a frequent visitor. It took three tense smoke breaks before Stas finally did his best possible take re-voicing Vlad's farewell speech on the porch. Dmitry Pchela had to come for revoicing of the scenes he dubbed earlier only 'to make it even better'. And as it's often the case, numerous jokes had been recorded during ADR. Even usually serious Dmitry made up a funny rhyme to his character's name.
However, for various reasons much of the dubbing was not included in the final version of the film. Moreover, series primiere in Russia was spoiled from the very beginning, when first four episodes were aired on 'Rossiya-1' with draft version of the editing and sound (it's worth mentioning that 'Rossiya HD' showed  final version of the episodes). Nevertheless, 'Verni Moyu Lyubov' series turned out to be very different from what we used to watch on TV and hopefully will stay in the hearts of both creators and viewers.

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