Vremya Bashmeta

Documentary shot in honor of the 60 years anniversary of the famous violist and conductor Yuri Bashmet. Vremya Bashmeta can be literally translated as Bashmet's Time.
To Yuri Abramovich time is a loose concept.

sound for Vremya Bashmeta documentary

He beieves that only a genious, such as Mozart or Pushkin, can afford to 'stretch' a minute and die young. Talking about himself Yuri Abramovich says he's only half-talented since he'd waisted a big part of his life on various hobbies besides music.

Nevertheless, it's thanks to him that viola stopped being neglected, and violists stopped being associated with ugly 'violinists with a dark past'.
Speaking of hierarchy of musical instruments, Yuri Bashmet refers to the Italian language: comparing the words viola - violino - violoncello you can see the common root, viola. Bashmet is convinced that viola had appeared first, and later, when higher and lower sounds became needful, violin and violoncello were invented.

Talking about his life, events and music, Yuri Bashmet mentions that jazz to him is the highest genre after classical music, and that he would have gladly devote his time to this wonderful art of improvisation if not for the busy schedule of performances - 220 concerts a year - which makes it difficult to accomplish.
Concert for George Abramovich is a certain stage in the creative process. He believes that only immediate decisions can be accepted by the listeners as 'something familiar and dear', the improvisation they helped creating. 'Together we'd compose Bach or Mozart.'
'If the concert is a success, that is the peak of life.'
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