Lyubopytnaya Varvara

Wonderful TV series consisting of 8 episodes about Varvara Ivanovna Slutskaya, retired school teacher, who is the big fan of Agatha Christie's detective stories. Varvara Ivanovna moves in with her son and his family, and one day discovers a dead body in the elevator. Since then Varvara Ivanovna initiates her own investigation.
Active and curious, Yelena Yakovleva's heroine, nevertheless, is a very delicate woman. It's a pleasure to watch her unravel the case in her own, special way.
Production of Foley sounds for the series was executed by EverestMusic specialists.
Lyubopytnaya Varvara series premiered on the Channel One on December 24th, 2012.

Foley production for Lyubopytnaya Varvara TV series at EverestMusic recording studio

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