Short movie installation directed by Ella Omelchenko.
FIlm score and sound for the movie produced at EverestMusic studio. Besides music editing, audio post production for the film included adding of Foley and ambience sound effects (footsteps, explosures, lead actor whistling etc.) and audio mixing of all components.
Music themes for the film, which one may hear along with the legendary pieces by Rachmaninoff, were scored by Sergey Kirilov and include three main music compositions: 'Borodino', 'The French Theme' and 'The War of 1812 Theme'.

Created under support of Alexander Sokurov's 'Alexander' fund to mark the 200th anniversary of 1812 Patriotic War the movie at the same time was timed for the opening of Museum of Patriotic war of 1812. Now the film is the part of the exhibition area of the museum, where it's demonstrated to represent the beginning of the 19th century era.

Musical score for 1812  movie installation in EverestMusic recording studio

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