Babye tsarstvo

Babye tsarstvo (eng. Women's Kingdom) is a 4-episode TV movie produced by Pro100 Production.
EverestMusic studio was involved in recording and laying Foley audio.
Siblings, Oxana (Olga Lomonosova) and Alla (Polina Pakhomova) Nikitins, live in Moscow. Oxana is a successful business woman, Alla is a student, but both are equally unlucky in persoval life. When Oxana discovers that her younger sister is pregnant and knowing how their father will take it, she offers to help Alla by pretending to be pregnant in order to let the child stay in the family. However, one day their mother (Elena Molchenko) sees both of her daughters pregnant, so they have to tell the truth. We'll say no more on the subject except that the movie is full of curious situations, vivid emotions and revelations and is very interesting to watch. 

Foley for Babye Tsarstvo TV movie by EverestMusic recording studio

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