Collection of Olympic Games Essays

Documentary series about athletes-heroes of Olympics, their lives and victories. The project is created by Lean-M film production company with the support of All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sports. The cycle consists of 8 films, each 40-45 minutes long. Unique facts collected from many different sources together with fine music made the project the most interesting television event of summer 2008. The series premiered on 'Sports' channel on July 12, 2008 just before the opening of Olympic Games in Beijing. Musical score for the project was created under the aegis of EverestMusic studio.

Besides television, documentary series were shown on several film festivals and won a number of prizes. 
So 'Collection of Olympic Games Essays' series became one of 12 films awarded in the 5th Atlant International Sports Film Festival, carried out in Lipetsk. It has also won the 2nd prize in 'Sports and Society' category in the 1st International Film Festival, that took place in Kazan.
Awards were also given to certain films of the series.
'Duels and Oppositions', third film from Collection of Olympic Games Essays, won the Mention d’Honneur prize in Olympic Values category in 27th International TV and film festival 'Sport Movies & TV 2009',  which was carried out in Milan. Together with Anna Dmitrieva's film '16 Stories not Only about Sports. First Champions' 'Duels and Oppositions' was chosen out of 180 films from 55 countries.
'Stories About Love', the first film of the series, won Best Documentary Award in VII International Sport Film Festival 'Krasnogorski', leaving behind the rival from the USA 'Kind David'.
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