Brat za brata-2

Brat za brata-2 (eng. Brother for brother-2) is the second part TV sequel produced by Star Media.
EverestMusic studio was engaged in dialogue re-recording (part of audio post-poduction process) with Russian actors.
Yaroslav Boiko, Konstantin Strelnikov, Egor Kleymenov and Anna Kazyuchits were a real feast for security guards, who were well familiar with their screen characters and were excited to see the actors, more warmly welcomed than many other, even honoured artists.
Interesting facts: Yaroslav Boiko preferred to be recorded with the lights off.
Konstantin Strelnikov's favourite actor is Oleg Yankovsky. Konstantin mentioned that comparing to Yankovsky he's no artist at all, but we don't share this point of view.
TV series premiered on November 6th, 2012 on NTV channel.

voice recording for Brat za barat-2 TV series in EverestMusic studio

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