Sound Post-production for Documentaries at EverestMusic Recording Studio


Sound post-production for documentaries has its own specificities: no voice actors are required since voice of the interviewed doesn’t have to be re-recorded. At the same time it’s very important to find proper speaker. Speaker’s voice is the main component of documentary and is usually strongly associated with the project. Thus speaker’s voice tone and manner of speaking should perfectly fit the documentary.

Music also plays a vital role in sound post-production of documentaries: it has to be original and very well suit the mood of the movie. It’s highly desirable that the music is catchy – even if it’s playing on the background there’s big chance that it’ll be memorized by the viewers and keep them interested even after the viewing.

That’s why besides usual stages of sound post-production - audio mixing and foley recording (if necessary) – it’s important to find proper speaker and music for documentary.

Everest Music professionals will produce music for your documentary and find proper speaker so that your project will be interesting to watch and re-watch.

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