Dubbing (Voice-over)


You can order dubbing and voice-over for the movie at Everest Music recording studio.

Although both dubbing and voice-over involve re-recording of voice in another language, they result in a different outcome: voice-over allows the viewer to hear original voices of actors while dubbing presumes full substitution of original voice track.

Due to this difference voice-over (or off-stage commentary) can be accomplished at lower costs than dubbing: the whole voice-over process can be performed by two and sometimes even one voice actor while dubbing requires full professional voice cast (as a rule, one voice actor dubs just one actor on the screen, although there can be exceptions).

EverestMusic recording studio has an extensive database of voice actors, which is getting larger every day. We provide high quality dubbing and voice-over including such stages as audio-to-text transcription (translation), lip-synching (so that translated text matched lip movements), casting of voice actors, voice recording and audio mixing.

On all the questions concerning dubbing and voice-over contact us

by e-mail: corp@everestmusic.ru
by the phone: +7 (916) 929 81 48 (Maria)