Sound Post-production for Commercials and Corporate Videos


Due to short time length of TV commercials their sound post-production is a special kind of arts: for a couple of dozen seconds one should be able not only to present the product but also to attract the attention of the viewers.

For a vivid and impressive commercial one can experiment with various sound effects. However, sound engineer can hardly manage the process using only sound effects. Presence of music and speaker’s voice are key and essential for a high quality commercial. Good music should: (i) be easy to remember and at the same time not getting annoying after numerous repetitions, (ii) comply with the features of the product and the picture on the screen. It’s highly recommended that the music is new, because even very popular but painfully familiar melody can call up associations that will overlap the emotions from TV commercial and thus reduce message acceptance.

Tonal quality of speaker’s voice and speaking style should also comply with the general concept.

We have an extensive database of voice actors and announcers, we can compose original and catchy music, and most important – we possess artistic taste and experience to define optimal combination of all factors and create such commercial that would hold viewers’ attention.

Corporate videos also have short time length, although in this case it’s measured in minutes rather than in seconds. Nevertheless, such factors as sound effects, fitting voice and music are still crucial. The main specificity of corporate videos and films is the so called ‘corporate spirit’ or ‘corporate style’ that should show through the whole film/video. This means that before one begins sound post-production of corporate video it’s necessary to accomplish some preliminary work: to get acquainted with corporate colours, dress code, musical preferences and other corporate values that reflect the story and spirit of the company.

We’ll be glad to plunge into the atmosphere of your company and produce such video that would reflect your traditions and peculiarities.

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