Sound Post-production for TV Shows


There's a diversity of TV shows, which, first of all, vary in terms of format: talk shows, entertainment programs, analytical, scientific and documentary programs. However, program fromat will never be of primary importance for sound post-production team, whose members would rather know, how the filming of the program is organized: whether shooting takes place in pavilion or on outdoor location, whether there's any offscreen text that needs to be recorded etc, because all these factors will define the amount and nature of work, which the team will end up doing.

As a rule, programs filmed in pavilion do not require studio recording or re-recording of voice as all the sounds and voices are recorded on the site. Moreover, often all required music themes sound directly on the spot, so post-production sound engineer only has to replace draft music themes by the quality sound and mix all voice sound tracks recorded at the shooting.

Dubbing documentaries is quite a different story as it often requires outdoor filming - pieces, which are usually accompanied by off-screen narration or music, - and taking interviews. Sound post-production for documentaries, in this view, requires not only quality studio voice recording and mixing, so that the off-screen text was in harmony with the mood of the picture, but also competent music editing.

Depending on the budget of the program voice-over can be accomplished by either well-known or not very famous actors. Music files also can be produced either exclusively for the show, or can be selected from the royalty-free libraries. EverestMusic studio was involved in sound post-production of TV shows of different format. Our specialists are well familiar with each stage of audio post-production process and will find the best quality solution for available budget.

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