Sound Post-production for TV Series at EverestMusic Recording Studio


The importance of Sound Post-production can hardly be overestimated. High-quality sound mix can make TV series sound like a real movie while lip sync errors, bad sound processing, sound distance not taken into account can kill even fairly good picture. As experts we know all peculiarities of sound post-production process and never disregard even minor flaws. We’ll be glad to offer high quality service for your product.

Sound post-production for TV series usually comprises the following stages:

- Recording of Synchronous (Foley) Sounds
Recording of sounds associated with squeaks, steps, knocks, noises etc.

- Voice Re-recording
Re-recording of voices of actors, recording of background voices.

- Music Composition
Composition of musical parts that would reflect the idea of TV series and intensify the mood of the movie scenes.

- Sound Mixing
Processing and mixing of all sound components to create sound of proper quality fit in with the general theme and feel of the picture.

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