ADR (Dialogue Re-recording)


ADR, Automated Dialogue Replacement, is a process of replacing (re-recording) dialogue lines recorded on location with audio recorded in the studio. Why do dialogues need to be re-recorded? In order to correct sound issues, which cannot be fixed by means of editing software (sometimes sound editors accomplish very intricate work of cutting syllables from different takes to obtain clean dialogue line). Sound problems can be either technical, e.g. the sound of traffic or wind over the dialogue line, or related to actor's performance, e.g. mispronounced word or inconsistent accent.

During ADR sessions actors watch themselves on the screen and re-voice spoken lines, sometimes in a looped playback, as accurately as possible, ensuring that their lines are lip-synchronised and that the nuances of their performance, including rhythm and intensitiy, match the original. In some cases actors can be required to wear certain clothes or imitate certain movements to make studio sound realistic. ADR sound editors, who work closely with the actors, are required not only to make quick and accurate decisions about whether the performance is good enough and ask actors to attempt another take if necessary, but also to create positive atmosphere and contribute to good working rapport. 

Since 2007 EverestMusic recording studio has been involved in sound post-production of various TV projects, many of which are easily recognized by general public. You can order ADR as a separate service or request full sound post-production for your project, whatever shall be most desired and appropriate option.

Examples of projects, ADR for which were executed at our studio:

Radi lyubvi ya vsyo smogu (2015)
Verni moyu lyubov (2014)
Frodya (2013)
It's My Dog (2012)
Brat za brata-2 (2012)
Odessa-mama. Zhemchuzhina u morya (2012)

and many other projects.

If you seek professional high-quality sound for your project at a reasonable price don't hesitate to contact us:, +7 916 9298148 Maria

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