Full Song Production


Full song production is a full-cycle production including all stages of song making starting from composition of a melody and ending with mix mastering in Everest Music recording studio.

Price of full song production starts at 15 000 roubles and varies depending on a wide variety of factors such  as recording of live instruments for arrangement, song structure, length of music composition and time spent on recording of music and vocals.

Contact our sound engineer on any questions concerning song production: +7 916 3552538 (Sergey)

Stages of Song Production:

If you already have lyrics to your song, the first stage will be composition of a melody and harmony to match your lyrics by our composer.

When lyrics are written, and both melody and music harmony composed, you can move to the next stage of song production: creation of  arrangement.

If necessary, some parts of music arrangement can be recorded live by session musicians. Recording process is managed by sound engineer.

When arrangement is made and live instruments are recorded, we do preliminary mixing (premix) of your song to prepare it for vocal recording. Premix is compulsory. When premix is done arrangement becomes  phonogram, which is a more comfortable form for a singer in terms of vocal performance. 

When voice is recorded, vocal or vocal parts are tuned

When vocals are tuned, it comes to audio mixing, which results in the so called pre-master or final mix of the song.

Audio mastering is the final stage of song production, when the sound is brought up to a certain level to meet all necessary technical requirements.

Upon completion of all above-described stages of song production the customer is supplied with the master track, which can be sent to the radio, on TV, or may form the part of a music album.