Vocal Recording


Vocal recording is one of the main services offered by Everest Music recording studio.

Standard rate is 1000 roubles per hour. 

Pricing: we use a hand-made valve microphone delivered under individual order to ensure the best quality of vocal recording. Sound is marvelous. Come try it, and you'll feel the difference. Our sound engineer will assist you during the process and will help to abandon any  inaccuracies...

Hint: vocal recording is a creative process, which can be quite unpredictable. You'll feel more comfortable if you properly rehearse your song in advance. The level of your preparedness will either help you to save your money or will result in you wasting it on extra time spent in studio...

We can also carry out audio mixing and audio mastering of your song right after your vocal is recorded.

To make an appointment you can contact sound engineer directly: +7 916 3552538 (Sergey)