Audio Mixing


We offer online audio mixing service for your music (i.e. mixing will be conducted remotely).

Should the service be unavailable in your city/town, contact our sound engineers and you'll obtain high-quality technically perfect product. We have huge experience and knowledge in the field of audio mixing; songs and music of our production are rotated on the radio and television, we cooperate with leading music producers of our country.

Before sending your project make sure it meets the following requirements:

- audio format: Wav - 48 000 Hz 24bit

- each instrumental/vocal part is on a separate track

- tracks of the project are synchronized (start from the beginning of the project)

- 1 track with demo mix (optional)

- all files shall be archived with WinRAR and uploaded onto a file hosting, the link to which you should send to us.

Price of audio mixing is 300 RUB per one track of the project.

Audio mixing of the project consisting of 10 tracks will cost 3000 roubles.

For any questions concerning audio mixing contact us by the phone +7 916 3552538 Sergey (sound engineer) or mail us to