Price of arrangement starts at 3000 roubles.

For any questions concerning production of arrangements contact us by the phone +7 909 9403162 (Akhmed)

Arrangement is music instrumentation for your lyrics, which includes selection of particular combination of music instruments that will be used in a song and of their properties, selection of the song genre, as well as composition of music parts. All this work is carried out by arranger. Often composer and arranger are the same person. Some music parts are created on computer while the other are played by professional musicians and recorded in the studio. Arrangement process is always individually fit and depends on your wants and wishes. If it's difficult for your to make a choice on a certain stage of song production our sound producers will come to your aid.

Difference between Phonogram and Arrangement:

Music Phonogram is a professional arrangement consisting of modern VST sounds, and parts of live instruments that can include drums, bass guitar, electric or acoustic guitar, violin, the wind and other instruments. After such arrangement is processed and mixed by the sound engineer, it becomes PhonogramAbout audio mixing...


Price of arrangement consisting of synthesizer and VST sounds maximum 5 minutes long is 3000 RUB.

Every additional musical part recorded live will cost extra 2000 RUB.

Price of phonogram more than 5 minutes long will cost additional 1000 RUB per minute.