Song Production


Price of full song production starts at 15 000 roubles.

To discuss the terms of song production contact us by the phone +7 916 3552538 (Sergey)

Stages of Song Production:

1. Music Composition. From 5000 RUB.

Music composition consists in writing a melody and music harmony for a song. We'll be glad to help you with music composition specifically for your lyrics if you have it. Composer creates not only the melody of a song but also defines the song structure (musical form). Form of a song is characterized by specific sequence of music parts (verses, choruses, bridges etc.). When melody is composed, music harmony created and song structure defined you can move to the next stage of song production: creation of music arrangement.

2. Music Arrangement. From 3000 RUB.

Arrangement is music instrumentation for your lyrics, which consists in selection of particular combination of music instruments that will be used in a song, as well as of their properties, deciding on the song genre, and composition of music parts. All this work is carried out by arranger. Often composer and arranger are the same person. Some music parts are created on computer while the other are performed live by professional musicians and recorded in the studio. Arrangement process is always individually fit and depends on your wants and wishes. For customers inexperienced in music production choice-making on a certain stage can be rather complicated. Our sound producers will come to your aid and explain the subtle differences of all available options so that you could make the right choice.

3. Vocal Recording. 1000 RUB per hour.

When arrangement is made the draft version of your song is ready and vocals can be recorded. Recording of vocal on earlier stages of song production is discouraged and may be fulfilled rather as an exception. Recording of backing vocals can be suggested if it meets the concept of a song.

4. Audio Mixing. Audio Processing with Sound Effects. From 5000 RUB per song.

On this stage sound engineer or sound producer enters the process. He adds surrounding effect to the draft version of the song, implements tone correction and dynamic handling, draws acoustic spaces and finds optimal sound balance for the tracks of the project. In some cases vocal tuning can be required: during the process inaccuracies of singing are corrected. After all this work is fulfilled the draft of your song turns into complete product.

5. Audio Mastering. 1000 RUB per song.

This is the final stage of song processing when mix sounding is adjusted to meet certain requirements. On this stage mix loudness is mastered to its maximum, the song is fine-tuned and most subtle details are processed by means of spectral analysis, analysis of sound pressure, dynamic range and stereopanorama. Sounding of final mix resulting from audio mastering can vary depending on whether the song is destined for vinyl in the night club or made for radio rotation.